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Explain your business with interactive Explainer Video

On October 15th 2015 by admin No Comments

Started long ago, there is a famous saying which goes like a picture is worth a thousand words but with the rising popularity of multimedia, social media and digital marketing, a high impact explainer video makes more worth than a single picture.

Today more than 170 million shoppers watch online videos before purchasing a particular product or service. Your company may have the best product or service in the world, but if it doesn’t promote it in a meaningful way, then it’s totally impossible to communicate the value added benefits to your customers. Best high-quality images are extremely important marketing tools, but they can’t make your product offerings sizzle as much as the power of explainer video.

explainer video

What an explainer video does for your business?

There is no denying that a visual clip is an effective tool for each business. Its added benefits include:

More Qualified Traffic

With the rising popularity short clips are filling the top slots in SEO ranking as companies began to recognize that multimedia provides high-quality content. Search engine users click multimedia clips to get product information and because of this the chance of conversion rate has significantly increased.

Firm and Lucrative Relationships

By persuading potential customers to view your visual clips, you are engaging them and creating a sense of relationship that helps them recognize your business. By including customer testimonials, business mission and values in the short clips, explanatory videos about your product or service, how-to, etc. helps to build trust on your company. By educating your customers and enhancing their confidence in your product and services through clips helps generate more revenues and increases the business performance along with the market exposure.

Decreased Return Rate

As your short visual clip represent the real depiction of your product and services, your customers get the accurate knowledge about your product which ultimately reduces buyer’s remorse and minimizes reduction rate.

Creating awareness

Most the companies use videos on major category landing pages to help reinforce the value proposition and educate and create awareness on the quality and their services.

Some companies use a camcorder to shoot a low budget clip, but posting a visual clip that screams ‘AMATEUR’ leads to more harm than good. If you want a better result for your business then it is important to invest in a professional explainer video shot by a production company as they have the expertise to produce a high resolution visual clip that displays your brand effectively.

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