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Importance of web design within professional website development services

On August 21st 2014 by admin No Comments

It is very essential for your business life expansion and stability to have an online presence. This is not possible without the designing and development of your business website. You need to have a website with professional designing and developing services for its correct elements of interactivity, appeal and online impact. If you have a messy interface with loaded content, it won’t help you achieve your goal. Get a professional and presentable website designed from Logos Design.

web design

Your website is an important platform to attract new customers, and interact with the current ones and turn new visitors every time. Your professional website must have easy navigation so that your visitors don’t invest and waste much of the time loading your site. Otherwise, it becomes a very good reason for the customers to switch to your competitors. When the professional services design your website, they give proper planning and research to your target audience and the content required matched with the required loading time. This way your visitors find your business online platform user-friendly and easy-to-use.

Your website is another branding and marketing tool to deliver the business concept effectively to your target audience. So, do not forget to convey clear business message with properly positioned business logo, mission and vision statement. Get a professionally designed site to give your visitors and potential customers a good user experience with positive impression of the company and a good marketing competition to the rivals.

website designTwo things must work well in your website design: your content and graphics. Add in the fresh and reader-friendly content which successfully engages the readers and keeps them stick to your website. Give your users a pleasing and appealing website to visit, not once but again and again. Give them an easy and understandable interface without any image and content cluttering. Add in an interactive, simple and understandable and effective video in the main page. Add in compelling and concise content to keep reader interaction maintained and consistent with your website.

Keep your website simple and appealing at the same time with quick loading time and easy navigation. Do not make it complicated with too much of content, text or images. Add icons to add in the creativity. Keep the design relevant and appropriate with the business theme and concept with colors, graphics, banners, etc. Effectively communicate the business theme to your target audience with every web page of your website. Add in the necessary contact information, allowing your customers to reach you immediately, when required.


Simple Logo Designs are the Memorable Ones

On August 7th 2014 by admin No Comments

It is not any myth or a misconception that simple designs are always the ones which are remembered and recalled strongly. That is why simplicity is the best policy. Not only because the design is simple to grasp and adopt, reproduce and reprint but also because customers find it easy to remember simple logo instead of complex ones.

Brand logo generates trust, admiration and communicates business core concept in the design. The logo design is often represented as pictorial or typographical. The only purpose of a significant logo is to add brand value with its suitability and relevancy created by professional designers’ team. Companies have observed that simple designs are always the memorable ones, sticking the core business concept on the customers’ subconscious minds.

apple logo design


The popular brand, Apple, has the simplest logo. The brand is widely famous, known and demanded around the globe. The bitten apple picture is all what represents the electronic business. So simple and straightforward!

amazon logo design


The famous e-commerce used worldwide and recommended. This company represents itself with a simple logo, with a simple and catchy font type. The company has used self-explanatory logo design where an arrow is inserted under the name; pointing from A to Z. this is actually an indicator that the company deals in everything within A to Z category.

Unilever logo design


A simple U has more meaning than you think. A simple and conceptual logo: U and the company name written underneath it. The real logo meaning is when you give the logo a more detailed look. The U comprises of 26 different icons representing the products and services Unilever deals in.

vaio logo design

Sony Vaio

Another example of a symbolic logo with the curvy V and A representing the analog wave and signal, whereas I and O represent the 1 and 0 of the binary digits.

fedex logo design


Another example of a simple and memorable design is FedEx. Simple company name is represented in two colors. If you give the logo another look you will notice that there is a hidden arrow in the design, representing the speed and fast delivery services of the company.

These examples are just to name the few successful logos which are not only simple but memorable as well. Creativity combined with simplicity gives the company more exposure and branding options beyond imagination. These logos are not only easy to understand, but easy to memorize and recall, when needed.

Expertise required for Responsive website design

On July 24th 2014 by admin No Comments

Can you imagine for a moment that your business has separate websites desktop computer, smart phones, and laptop? Isn’t it time-consuming and expensive process? Today, you need to pace up with the changing needs and accept the concept of responsive website design for website development, giving your customers the best viewing and navigation experience on any gadget or device.

Day by day, more and more people are using desktop computer, mobile phones and tablets for internet access and websites usage. If you need to flourish your business in terms of sales and profits, you need to get responsive! Worldwide, customers are getting an easy access to responsive websites with minimum scrolling and panning and up swinging various businesses.


Quality, professional expertise

For a great business website, you need to search the right website designing and development company which have required skills, qualifications and expertise to create the right thing for you. The web designer and development must have the required skills, talent and knowledge to apply the latest online app tools and implement latest designing methods and strategies to create the best for your business.

Meeting business needs

You can get the site developed according to your business specifications, needs and requirements in an attractive and accessible way. This way you know what you are communicating through your site.

User experience

The great responsive website design company like Logos Design gives your business audience excellent user experience by intuitively fitting content and images according to many devices’ screen size. This way your website doesn’t lose its appeal and interaction if the user is visiting from an iPad or laptop.

Accumulated sharing

Responsiveness supports accumulated sharing through collection of social sites linked with one URL. This way you are connected with your target market from every nook and corner.

Minimum scrolling

The better the website design, the minimum the scrolling. The website designers and developers keep in mind that people visit and view the website from many mobile applications like Android, Windows, Apple, Blackberry, and Linux. The professional designing service doesn’t let the users face any difficulty and facilitates the users by reducing the scrolling time.

Target maximum customers

It is found that the majority of the mobile users prefer mobile-friendly sites for online shopping purposes. So, to hit in the target market in a wider zone and expand the business exposure, you need to have a responsible mobile version of your website.

7 Famous brand logos and their stories

On July 17th 2014 by admin No Comments

There are many, many famous brands out there existing since decades and even longer than that. Today, we will just ponder on the logos of a few of the famous brands and look in to their success secrets through effective designing and interactive target marketing.


Although Pepsi is older than us and the way technology and trends have changed themselves around us, the drink is still refreshing and unique. So, is its logo design! It has the same refreshing feeling which it has before. With time, Pepsi logo has evolved too but with the right combination of colors, shapes and fonts it is still attractive and mesmerizing to its customers.

The Pepsi logo has three dimensions, represented with a globe painted in opposite colors, supported by a swirl in the center separating the two globe disks. The fonts appear along with the design in a simply appealing way. The font is italicized roman type face. The overall design gives a prominent, yet elegant look.

Coca Cola

Some things do not age at all, Coke is one of them. The Coke logo includes Spenserian script, which initially was developed in mid-19th century. During that era, it was a dominant form of formal handwriting. It is fancy style with distinct C’s. The color scheme, red and white, is still attractive and appealing to young minds; working successfully through its simple and distinctive style. The white swirl of the font represents youth passion and zeal. Overall the design has an elegant and simple appearance.


This logo design has a unique symbolic ‘a’ with curved shape and gentle ref highlights, giving warm, inviting look to the customers. The design represents the matchless energy, bringing in customers closer with the company. The new design is unboxed, giving it a free appearance. The red color represents dynamism, energy and passion appealing customers nationwide.


A simple logo with basic colors: red, yellow, blue, green, represents the search engine’s simplicity. The logo is based on Catull typeface where the two O’s represent infinity. The current logo is the modified version of the original. The word ‘Google’ originated from googol meaning digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes. The logo itself represents the availability of infinite amount of information.



This is another famous corporate logo. It has a typeface from T.26 font named Able. The design is mistaken to be an interjection, whereas it is an acronym for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’. It is created in purple color.



Nestle logo depicts its name meaning, i.e., the nest. The nest is represented as an artistic conceptualization with simplicity. The design has a tree, oak and birds thrushes. The use of blue color in the logo represents care, purity, goodness and prosperity. The logo typeface is derived from Helvetica.




Throughout India, Tata logo is easily visible in countless commercial and utility vehicles. The blue colored Tata design represents adaptability and fluidity. It symbolizes strength, reliability and excellence. It is also said to represent fountain of knowledge, or a tree of trust. The design has a custom typeface.