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Free website maker – An advertising gimmick

On September 17th 2015 by admin No Comments

In a hurry to set up a new website for their business, most of the entrepreneurs and small companies skip the phase of researching on what a free website maker will actually do to their professionalism. Without waiting a single minute they just go right into signing up for what they think is the most inexpensive and simple method to construct a site and promote your business online.

As a result, they get deceived with a low grade template which gets stored in a broken hosting environment. For small companies and entrepreneurs who don’t have any prior experience of designing, they just waste their time and money on poor templates.

Today free site builder companies push their business by using marketing tagline gimmicks such as “Get your business online in 30 minutes”, “No coding and programming need” or “improve your online sales with free website maker”. With these taglines they seem logical but their disadvantages are more than advantages.

website maker

Limitations in Flexibility

If you want a specific design for your site, you might find it difficult to satisfy your demands as the online site builder has limited design templates. These online site builders mostly give their clients a site which has a universal designs and images. They don’t allow your site for adding any personal touch or make changes in future.

No ownership

These online site builders don’t provide the rights of ownership. They don’t provide any user agreements due to which you may face the issues of theft, deletion of your files and data.

Online site builder provides an automated service which means you are getting service without technical support and customer services. Your site might also face coding issues.

Nothing comes for free

Nothing comes for free in this world; they might include some hidden charges on the tools or on add on features. They ask for marketing their business on your site or place watermark on your business site. A watermark on a business site shows unprofessionalism and creates negative impression on your customers.

Not SEO-friendly

With free tools, your site doesn’t support the search engine and your might not crawl on the web effectively which ultimately results in poor ranking. If you want your site to perform well in search engine listings then it is important to have indexable content on your site. Online site builder doesn’t provide your site with SEO URL structure.

Does brochure design help in this digital era?

On September 10th 2015 by admin No Comments

Earlier, a sound marketing or advertising strategy was not an essential requirement for any company which was hoping to earn sizeable revenue in the business. However, with the beginning of technological age, things have turned more complicated and competitive and with that promotions and marketing became the fundamental part of each company. Now there are a lot of mediums accessible to organizations through which they can reach their intended audience to market their products and services. This makes it an integral part to have a distinctive marketing approach which makes your product stand out in the market.

brochure design

There is no doubt that, the progression of the web technology has made it a lot simpler for the companies to connect with their audience around the globe. Online networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and so forth are presently assumed as the most vital promoting mediums accessible to companies. Companies presently connecting with their clients through diverse online networking platforms to comprehend their needs and offer services they desire. In any case, brochure design still holds a considerable measure of significance as a marketing tool as they permit the company to directly interact with the customers.

Significance of brochure design

The significant advantage with brochure design is that they convey effective messages to the intended audience. Booklets or catalogue helps in explaining and clarifying the benefits or qualities of your products and services in simplest way. There is no comparison with the distinctive personal touch that a booklet creates for their customers.

In general, it’s proven that leaflets have the capacity to represent your business in a broad way given that it has an astounding and engaging design. Besides from the content and colors, an appealing slogan is likewise an essential part of a booklet or catalogue that effectively draws the attention.

Effective Use of Brochures by different companies

Companies today look for creating a personal touch with their clients so that they establish a long-term customer relationship with them. Although everyone feels that online marketing is the perfect solution to all the promotion activities but it is not like that. The influence of physical reminder holds more value in comparison to promotional activities done through different networking sites. This is the reason why a few commercial ventures still find brochure designs crucially important for advertising and intensely depend on them.

Following are some examples of industries that made effective use of brochures:

Ø     Beauty and Therapy Industry

Ø     Corporate Industry

Ø     Kid’s Games and Toys Industry

Ø     Educational Industry

Free logo design services doesn’t provide a unique and stunning brand symbol

On September 3rd 2015 by admin No Comments

It is a proven fact that more and more companies are entering into the crowded industry for selling their products and services. If you’re a new business and desire to stand apart in the crowd then it is vital for your business to create a unique brand typeface which helps your business to interact with your clients and intended customers as well.

We all know that it requires a huge amount of funds to set up a new business, but it doesn’t mean that you compromise on your brand identity and look for free logo design for your business because your brand identity is the only thing that helps your customers to identify your business.

free logo design

For instance, if your mobile network company doesn’t have any business typeface, then would it have been possible to identify your mobile network company in the market. Likewise, individuals also fail to recognize your business without any typeface.

What if you choose a free logo design services?

If you select to work with software generated typeface or amateur companies, you make susceptible to their errors and hence suffer in long run.

You may certainly enjoy working with them as they provide different styles, fonts and colors without making huge monetary investment. However, at the end you may land with ineffective brand symbols that don’t convey your business message accurately and thus making your brand identity just one of the various ordinary ones in the industry.

Why might this happen?

The only reason is that amateur companies or free logo design services hire inexperienced individuals who are not aware of designing skills thereby, design a brand identity for your business that does anything instead of attracting the customers.

Choose a reputed logo design firm

Getting the services of a professional designing firm is important as it is adept at getting your business needs into a brand identity and makes it distinctive from your competitors.

Following are the basic point in which professional companies helps:

  • A professional company shall have experience employees who are ready to stand by the quality of the designs they create
  • They create high quality designs at a reasonable price. Professional designers helps you in creating a great brand identity without making a dent in your pocket
  • they are equipped with creative portfolios and has a reputation in the industry

Hiring a professional designing company is essential for your business identity.

How Custom Logo Design Benefits Small Businesses and start-ups?

On August 27th 2015 by admin No Comments

When it comes to starting a new business, the value of custom logo design is mostly overlooked by the business person. This is particularly the case with small-sized businesses or entrepreneurs as they always believe that the image of their business depends on their product offerings and services instead of their corporate identity.

However, if a company wants to make its presence felt among other businesses then, a certain amount of marketing strategy is also important. A well-designed corporate identity not only helps to create an impact, but it also assist in establishing a brand.

custom logo design

Following are the different ways through which small-sized business can benefit from custom logo design:

Work With Colors, Styles, And Sizes

While creating a corporate identity, many options are available for entrepreneurs and small-sized businesses to get the perfect look. They have the liberty to choose from different colors, designs, shapes and sizes etc. and come up with unique designs for their business. Moreover, businesses get to make necessary changes to the design depending on the specific need of the business.

Illustrate Your Brand Value

The basic idea behind the custom logo design is not only to make it look unique and attractive but, it helps in showcasing the brand in the finest way. The brand message conveyed by the corporate identity helps in promoting your products and services.

Helps In Brand Recognition

It helps in brand recognition and creates distinctive identity among the competitors. It also helps in capturing the attention and creates a long-lasting effect in the minds of your customer.

Helps In Achieving Marketing Goals

When it comes to effectual marketing technique, a strong corporate identity forms an essential part of the overall endeavor. It basically helps to build confidence in the business as well as assists in brand recognition. A business that looks professional, earns respect and trust of the customers more easily. It gives customers the sense of satisfaction and comfort while purchasing or using the services of the organization.

Budget Friendly:

Price is considered as an important factor for every business whether it is an established business or just a start-up. A strong corporate identity not only helps to grab the attention, but it also offers a budget friendly option to display their brand among masses.

Logos design brings you the most amazing way of celebrating Independence Day this year and in great style too. Gear up and create your own custom logo design. We promise to make your Independence Day more special with huge discounts on logo designing and many other categories.

Video Animation Gives Breath to Your Products and Services

On August 6th 2015 by admin No Comments

In today’s digital world, it is important that your company must do everything possible in order to stay in the market. At present, the best way to attract the attention of your visitors and making them returning to your website is through the use of video animation.

It is an excellent tool because it gives life to a product by showcasing it from every angle. It makes information clear and valuable by adding glamour to it and captivating the audience. Its benefits are endless with the limit being your innovative thoughts.

video animation

Proper marketing during the festive season is extremely important. Every Indian celebrates patriotism and Independence on 15th august. On this occasion uploading animated videos for special deals and offers on your website plays an important role in attracting visitors.

Why it is important to work with a professional video animation company?

Following are the main reasons which show that it is important to work with professionals:

  1. Human eyes draw attention to motion and due to this most online advertisers now use some type of animation in their advertisements
  2. It boosts your website’s attractiveness
  3. It serves an excellent way to increase the interaction and poke your visitors to take action
  4. Whether you want your visitors to click to get information about product offerings or interact with you, video animation comes in handy and lasting
  5. Many times words or text doesn’t attract visitors, but animation helps to display your business message effectively, if chosen the right production company
  6. It takes less time to convey your message
  7. It helps to increase trust between you and your clients

It provides an excellent forum for learning. While there are many people who don’t mind reading about something but others are much more visual learners and appreciate the effective use of video platform for obtaining the information they need.

Why animation is necessary on your website?

No matter what type of organization or business you have, it helps your business to capture attention of visitors. Moreover, adding animation to your website increases interaction and eventually improves your conversion rates. An experienced and professional company helps you to create customized clips for your website to generate traffic.

Using lively clips on your website and linking to social media forums helps to enhance your product and services and promotes click-through. It helps to catch the user’s attention and keeps them engaged for a longer period. It even helps spreading your word across the masses in less time with minimal efforts.

In some circumstances, using animated characters in the clips adds impact and the character become synonymous with your brand. This consecutively promotes brand loyalty.