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A stationery design helps you to maintain relationship with your clients

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One of the visible aspects of any organization is its stationery design. From business cards and letter heads to invoices, your stationery helps your customer to identify and influence them towards your business.

Helps In Developing Your Business Image

It plays a crucial role in building and projecting your business image. It is important that the business image you present is consistent. High-quality designs that display an attention to details reflect well on your business whereas cheap design detriments your business image and even lose your clients or customers.

stationery design

Types of Stationery Design Your Business Need

It almost covers every aspect of your printed business communications with suppliers, customers, clients and vendors.

Most of the businesses need different types of stationery design which includes:

  • Letter Head: A paper containing your business logo and contact details for your correspondence with your suppliers and clients
  • Receipts and Invoices: created as a template for bills either for manual or for computer printing
  • Business Cards: a visiting card that displays your business identity and contact details
  • Envelopes: for sending important documents

What information is necessary on business stationery?

Along with your business name and address, it is important to include all landline numbers, website and e-mail address. If you are working as a sole proprietor, you should include your own name and address on all stationery design.

For limited companies, it is important to show the name of the company, registration number, place of registration and address of its business place on letter heads and order forms.

It is important that your receipts and invoices should state your VAT registration number and at the back of invoices print you payment terms and relevant terms and conditions.

Benefits of having such designs

They offer many benefits, but the most obvious is that it acts as a continuous marketing tool. Every time the client uses that pen or looks at the letterhead or invoices, they think of your business and its services. Clients or customers may recommend some of their friends and hand them the business card you gave them. Using brand identity on letterheads or invoices reinforces the word of mouth marketing.

6 Mistakes to avoid in your website design

On July 23rd 2015 by admin No Comments

Each professional designer wants to deliver an end product that makes your client extremely satisfied as it leads to word of mouth referrals, which in turn generate more clients. Great website design comes with innovation and creativity so it is important to avoid few things and make your site far better than your competitor.

website design

Following are the mistakes that professional web designers should avoid in website design:

Cluttered Graphics

It is important to avoid cluttered graphics and designs because it makes your content look clumsy and irritates your visitors that they navigate from your site. Moreover, it may take time to load the web page during slow internet connection because of the web page that contains too many gigabytes of design content.

Pop Ups

Pop-ups usually force visitors to juggle between different pages and this annoys visitors and they just hit the back button to return where they were. Most of the people turn on their pop-up block feature on their web browsers to avoid frequent pop-ups on their web page. So, it is important to avoid using them at all cost.

Unreadable Text

It is important to avoid fancy fonts and bad color choices. A font with dark color on a light background looks good but fonts with green text on a dark orange background creates headache for your visitors. It is essential to have normal font size and that it doesn’t changes sizes too often.

Complex Navigation

It is important to remember that navigation should have easy and intuitive features. Don’t make it hard for your visitors to find the content they are looking for.

Broken links

Some hyperlinks when clicked leads to error pages and they serve as curse to web surfers. So, it is important to regularly test your site and make sure that all links are working as promised. It is important to include “contact webmaster” so that web surfers let you know that a link has broken.

Outdated content

It is important to keep your site with fresh and updated information to achieve better results. Moreover, it is essential to make sure that your content is accurate and provides detailed information about the product and services.

Logo design becomes challenging for tech industry

On July 9th 2015 by admin No Comments

Let’s recollect the web 2.0 age when new companies were growing everywhere throughout the web and putting forth the case for individuals as they executed fresh and innovative ideas that can possibly change the world. Those were the exciting old days for designers and online brands.

The vibrant designs from that age have been incorporated by today’s designers, employing the ideology of unique designs to attract customers. This change is additionally resounding with huge brands too, seeing as how these designs are versatile and adaptable for marketing product and services.

Let’s take a look at some global brands that decide to rebrand and how designers have become more proficient to design a prestigious brand.

1. Lenovo’s innovative design

Lenovo has become a globally recognized enterprise with a huge product portfolio that people love to use. Lenovo’s name resonates with personal computer market as well as corporate. Keeping in mind the value of its brand, Lenovo decided to improve its business image. It needed a brand character that saved its earlier reputation, while in the meantime, engaging new customers. For this, professional designers from Saatchi were hired to rebrand Lenovo symbol.

 Lenovo logo design

2. Hewlett Packard’s new look

This company doesn’t require any formal introduction. To become a lean and aggressive market player, HP has always restructured its brand according to the market trend. When HP decided to split its business there was a general perception that the company has become diluted. So, to recapture its market share, HP hired some professional designers to create a business friendly yet forward-looking logo design for its enterprise.

HP logo design

3. Apple’s innovative ‘i’

A recent development signifies that the company is constantly looking for changes in the brand design. Apple thinks that it is the high time to adapt its tagline ‘think different’ effectively. It means that companies should always try to work on new ideas to make its brand look innovative. For Apple, the change might seem very minute from visual point of view, but to its customers the product line remaining intact might signal a new and innovative Apple that is confident in its strength and deliver products that people love.

apple logo design

Challenges for designers

A good designer considers it a huge responsibility in re-branding or redesigning a project for a tech company. There are many tech companies in the market with carefully designed image that needs consideration. On the contrary there are companies with initial start-ups working hard to gain success and their goal is to attract customer at first glance. It becomes a huge challenge for designers to design an innovative symbol for tech brand.

Professional designers at Logos Design helps you in re-branding and give the right feeling and meaning to trigger the right emotions and build the right perception of the target customers.

Narrate your brand story with explainer video

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Web-based explainer video has risen in popularity over the last few years, as a way to identify what a company does in just few short minutes. Most of the people think that a video is a major creation with major expense making it apparently impossible for small enterprise to compete with large business, but this is not the case.

explainer video

It is because of visitors that you experience growth as a business and this shows that it is important to have excellent content that works for the target audience you have. For this reason it has become popular as more and more businesses find ways of staying afloat the competition. Let’s take a look at some of the most basic benefits of explainer Videos.

Helps in increasing sales

Apart from generating traffic for your website, you also need to effectively convert them into sales. This exactly what short clip will do for your business? Usually people trust on products that come accompanied with short clips explaining about the product and how to use it. It helps to keep track of what product and service potential customers interested in.

Gives clarity in your offerings

Sometimes it becomes tricky to interpret text content because many people interpret text differently. By using short video clips for your product or service can eliminate the guess work for all your customers and they can get all the details about product function and usefulness.

Generates curiosity

There is so much expectation with the short clips that they end up increasing interest of your visitors and it makes sure that your visitors end up watching them and most likely also go for the product you have to offer.

Offer better ranking

Through explainer video your business enjoys greater exposure and this is what turns into better ranking. A good animated short video clip gets immediate attention and helps in generating traffic to your website.

Grab attention and retain information

There is an interesting fact that an average person can retain information seen compared to information heard. Using clips for promotion can grab attention and helps them to retain information.

Easy to share

Short clips are easy to share on various social media platforms and these shared videos can easily attract potential customers.

Portrays your business concepts

It helps in portraying your values and beliefs so that customers can gain a sense of trust in your products you sell and creates a virtual connection between you and your customers.

Logos Design gives your business a strong professional identity for captivating customer’s attention through creating explainer video for your product and service. Visit our web page for more details.

Don’t fumble on creating effective stationery design to market your business

On June 25th 2015 by admin No Comments

Building effective brands cannot be done by one channel or marketing activity, each tapping point needs to be taken into account to help you motivate, change and cultivate your relationship with suppliers, customers and partners. It is tangible and physical way to hook with your customers. This marketing activity includes handing out your business cards at a networking event or showing extra ordinary gestures such as posting a thank you card to your new client or customer. Beautifully designed cards or letter heads is the means of transport that will help you move a little closer to your customer’s heart.

Stationery Design

Nowadays everyone understands the significance which business stationery plays in a business. Gone are the days when one could have enough money to officially speak with their clients, lenders, suppliers and other corporate associates. Indeed, even today in the age of internet and online communications, the need for stationery design has not been reduced.

Follow these secrets to avoid mistakes:


When you’re composing an outline brief you have to give the designer as much insight about the graphic design you conceive and that incorporates determining existing shading palettes and logos if you have them. The designer begins with a clear canvas and needs clear track from you to make the outline. So, convey as much as you can about your business, your goals, culture, values and norms. Talk about what impression you want to create on your customers.


Be direct and give regular feedback to your designers. If you want some changes in your design, then let the designer know on time. If you have shortlisted 2-3 designs then set a voting poll and share with your team, employees and other workforce to see what designs they prefer.

Be Specific

In business all printed material has some requirements known as specifications. These specifications include color, printing, dimensions, stock type, fonts, resolutions, formats and much more. So, you need to give all the details to your designer because stationery design such as business cards, envelope design or letter head come with their own detailed requirement.


You have to use funds, time and effort to your designs and make the effective use of your vacant marketable spots. The most important thing to remember is that marketing collateral is the one which employs all the available avenues to put forward your message.

Logos design is a digital marketing agency, where all your marketing strategic design dreams come true. So if you want a perfectly designed and developed business stationery designs for your company then all you have to do is CALL us on FREE on 1 800 941 0708