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Don’t get depressed from your mistakes and improve your web design skills

On June 18th 2015 by admin No Comments

Mistakes happen, that is actually allowed and even appreciated by professionals. It is a famous saying that repeating a mistake is actually a mistake. Therefore, this blog teaches the learning and amateur web designers out there not to repeat the common mistakes in their professional work.

Making mistakes improve our working criteria, enables us to make new strategies and bring creativity in our work. Mistakes increases our experience and makes all of us better professional website designers. But some of us pay heavy prices for the mistakes they make. This heavy technological world picks out and pin points mistakes too soon and even spreads the word quickly costing our business and questioning our careers. Do not let any mistake destroy your business or cripple your growth.

website design

An error overlooked or a mistake can destroy your website design, suffering from business, sales and losing important clients. Do not make yourself responsible for such work.

Mistake #1: Overusing stock images

Every designer uses stock images. The reason being they are easy to find and comes in cheap. It is very convenient to get personalized images and required materials from stock. Overusing the stock images often leaves a negative impression on your clients, giving them your idea as lazy, non-creative and unoriginal. It is always good to bring some originality in your work. Try to develop and design unique images and infographics to engage clients and build a positive reputation in the market.

Mistake #2: Offering limited services

When it comes to the client work you need to deliver what you promise and you need to execute more than the promise. This only helps you attract more clients and give your best shot in the market. Make a great team to give the client the best in the market with great, positive customer service. The best option for you is to research, mix up with other professionals in the market, and give your client a complete package such as marketing, web content, web design and development services. Make sure you make the best use of word of mouth about you in the market, and in a good way.

Mistake #3: Working only for search engines

Content is king, undoubtedly but you are not working only for the search engines. Your website definitely needs search engine optimization with quality, original content. Therefore update your web content in regards to the customer/audience and the search engines. Avoid keyword stuffing to please Google and make your content reader-friendly, engaging and interesting to read.

Mistake #4: Jack of all trades

Regardless of your work experience, professionalism, and learning experience you need to focus on one thing at a time. This way you become expert in one concept before moving to the next, recognize the potential problems, and become a pro in upcoming days!


4 Effective tips to give your designing blog success in no time

On June 12th 2015 by admin No Comments

If you are associated with the creative field, then you must have a personal logo design blog as well. It helps you boost your market exposure, improvise your learning and expands your social circle, collaboration and communication with others in the same field. As a designer, you must have various ideas, concepts and inspirations to share and this is why your exclusive blog sets you apart. How to make it effective and successful, look at the tips below:

logo design

Give it the Appeal

No one will bother visiting you or reading your blogs if the template is just plain, simple and boring. Give your blog some life and make it attractive. Personalize your blog by giving it a custom URL, and set up a nice professional looking website. For a starter and professional look, create your blog at WordPress. Give your blog multiple trials and see in how many ways you give it appeal and personalization.

Focus on Quality Content

Whether you have any reader or not, fill in your blog only with quality content. Your goal is to gain followers and this is possible if you publish only high-quality, well thought-out content. Writer unique, simple and give your words energy and engagement so that the reader reads it till the end. As a designer, come up with a new topic every time to write about it, share your experience and ask others of what they think of that particular subject. Give your content high-quality images and links as well.

Attract your Audience

Continuously writing the blog without any audience is just making your content waste in thin air. You need to have an audience to read so it’s time to attract and pull them towards your blog. It is not necessary that you pay heavily for the advertisements. Go on the social-media, promote your blogs there, promote it on different forums and designing platforms and ask your friends, colleagues to spread the word and share it. Get affiliations from good blogs for promotion. Visit high-traffic blogs and leave meaningful comments and ask the administrator if he can publish your blog or allow you to write a guest article.

Keep the interest high

Running the blog is easy but engaging an audience to not only visit once but time and again is difficult. It’s best not to give up and push yourself always to give your blog the attention it deserves. Start from the personal and professional circle, it will take time but you will definitely get your blog up and running in no time, conditioned if you have given your blog creative and unique concept and content.

There are many logo design artists but blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. Share your experience and expand your market exposure by helping your learning and growing stage, at the same time.


The elements involved in the video storyboarding

On June 4th 2015 by admin No Comments

Putting the story with the right words and giving the events the right sequence is crucial. It involves planning and communication. A video animation comprises of thousands of pictures to form an animated video and conveys the ample amount of information.

What is Storyboarding?

Every storyboard artist methods to reflect the concept might differ but the main purpose is to communicate the key elements. The artist can put out the story through hand-drawn images, word templates or other software but the basic idea remains the same: to bring out the story with the surrounding content.

video animation

Elements of a Storyboard


First you need to decide the amount of detail in your storyboard. It results in the expectations from a video. Higher budget, wide audience results in a detailed storyboard. You need to reflect on how much you need to put up in your presentation and how much story you need to focus on.

Idea Organizer

Your storyboard gives your final product a preview but it is also a means for idea organization. You need to focus on what’s going on in your story and how the audience will perceive it. Storyboard gives your story a life, a template and a sense on which you put the foundation of your video.

Focus on the Perspective

Story is your base where the rest of the variables such as sound and color are only the supporting elements. With your storyboard, keep your focus on the perspective and maintain it throughout till the end.

Mutual process

Storyboarding is the combination of various things where all the elements and variables   must reflect the overall concept of the story. Thus, it makes the entire storyboard process a collaborative one.

It is not necessary that you stick to all ideas before conceptualizing it. The things you might consider as important might not seem important during the creative process. It is important to show your storyboard to the creative video development team to take their suggestions and add in what’s missing or omit what’s not important. Analyze if your goal through the video animation storyboard is fulfilled or not. Keep the storyboard consistent with the brand and logo, because it is the foundation for your animated video.

Leaflet Design – Standing strong in the test of time

On May 21st 2015 by admin No Comments

Leaflet design is something very old yet still connected with the businesses and marketing strategies today. Regardless of the technological advancements and progress, printed leaflets are still used by businesses, big or small, till date. Though many of us take the leaflets for granted as these are easily available and quickly accessible, yet we can’t deny the important role-play leaflets has to do in this technological era. Over the time, leaflets have become a demanding marketing tool which has strongly managed to stand the test of time despite the advent of internet and technical developments.

leaflet design

Why leaflets work effectively?

1. The look and feel create effective perceptions

This is the world of technology with laptops, gadgets, tablets and phones are the major sources to access data and retrieve information. Yet, people still love leaflets due to its tangibility and the way it allows the audience to feel, read and hold the paper, grasp the message through the quality design and get hooked through the brand message and concept.

2. Creativity in leaflets comes handy for daily use

Creativity often comes handy but with leaflets it becomes interestingly useful. With leaflet, the customers have the opportunity to feel and touch the leaflet. The creativity in the leaflet design allows the customers to memorize the brand message and core concept. This allows the customers to pass on the leaflets or spread the word and keep the leaflets with themselves as reminder.

3. Changing the face design is extremely easy Leaflets are easily changeable

Changing a logo or a website takes years and even decades to upgrade it according to new business objectives and goals. But, changing the designs of leaflet is no rocket science. Branding is easy, feasible and brings in more creative ideas and inspirational concepts. It boosts the effectiveness of the marketing tool by giving the business entrepreneur, marketer and the designer the free hand to focus on new messages, goals and inspirations every time.

4. Leaflets means convenience

Convenience is the plus point of a leaflet. It enables the designer to play with the content, adding in relevant business details, information and images with effective call-to-action to attract and pull the targeted customer market. It is a great convenience for the marketers and designers.

5. They come handy as marketing tool with their own comfort and speed

Leaflet can come in handy as well as distributed online. They are easily available both on online and offline modes making this marketing tool more trustworthy and reliable.

Thinking of having a leaflet for your business promotion? Get some creative designs from the expert team of Logos Design.

The much need web design strategy for your corporate online presence

On May 14th 2015 by admin No Comments

Every business wants increase conversion rates, pull-factor to attract potential customers and remarkable marketing activities to inspire and appeal the customers. This is why your business needs the perfect web design tactics and plans to gain from the online presence.

Making of the Strategic Steps

The website designer and developer needs to experiment and test various elements to come out with the best website for the client. A professional designer and developer always work in the best interests of the client to drive the visitors in the business and increase the conversion rates. The strategic planning helps to build a smashing, remarkable and amazing website for aesthetical success.

web design

Define your Goals

Define the purpose of your website and have a futuristic vision of what purpose your website will serve for your business. When you have defined your brand goals, you will have certain goals in mind for your online site as well. Present your site with solutions for your clients. Reflect your brand image in an excellent way to inspire and impress the audience.

Know the Brand

If you are working for your website or the client’s make sure you have the knowledge of the brand. What it is and what does it communicates? Study the unique value proposition the brand proposes which distinguishes it from the competitors in the market. Offer your target audience practical and easy business solutions, fixing their worries and eliminating their queries and confusions.

Know the Target Audience

Study the target audience the client has so that you a better idea of what they are looking at, what perception they need to get impressive from the brand and why exactly they will visit your website and search for. This helps you convince your target audience, making them decide to purchase from your brand only. This way you present your brand the right way to the users.

Study the competition

Nowadays, market is highly diversified and complex. You need to give your online presence an effective, creative and inspirational web design and unique business proposition get a competitive edge and a distinctive position in the online exposure. Get well-versed with the search engine operations and tactics. You need to enjoy high web traffic and increased conversion rates. It makes your site generate leads to ensure great user-friendly experience with the website with quick loading and easy navigation. The competitive study helps you get an idea of what is working for your competitors and what isn’t working.